Built in 1897, this Edwardian Vernacular style house (post-Victorian) is a contributing structure in Golden's Twelfth Street Historic Residential District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  

We were fortunate to purchase this beautiful home in February of 2009 and are now embarking on a journey to renovate it throughout.  Our goal during the renovation is to keep the house as original as possible and not have it look like a new house with an old exterior.  It has incredible "bones" and primarily needs an updated infrastructure (electrical, plumbing and heating) as well as a new kitchen and bathrooms.   It has a fantastic feel throughout and is incredibly solid for being 112 years old.

Photograph taken in 1980 by Golden Planning and Development (from the Colorado Historical Society).  The large bush obstructing the view of the porch has long been removed as well as the tall silver maple to the right which had to be taken down earlier this year.  The small pine tree is now higher than the house.

Footprints of Johnny Hampton (left) and Sandra (Sandi) Hampton (Jones), children of John and Evelyn (Anderson) Hampton, imprinted in 1946 in the left front portion of the porch. Their grandfather, Dr. Leslie C. Anderson, purchased the home in 1930.  We are only the fourth family to own the house in 112 years.


"Johnny" and "Sandra" signatures uncovered on the back porch after the siding was removed.  Also, "Johnny Hampton" and "Sandra" are written in pencil on the front porch brick.