The apartment, as I like to call it, was once a single room that was added at an unknown timeframe.  In 1949, an addition was made to the structure that added another room on the back of this single room as well as a stairway that went up to a two bedroom apartment with a full bath.  The owner of the house, Dr. Leslie C. Anderson,  then moved his dentist practice from downtown Golden, using the front, original part of the structure as the waiting room and the new back area for his dentist chair and laboratory (later converted to a breakfast area and full kitchen). 


View of the family room in the apartment showing the stairs to the second floor, the door to a kitchen area (formerly where the dentist chair was located) and the door to the outside.  We are not sure what this area was originally used for but was later converted into a dentist office and a two bedroom apartment for School of Mines students in 1949 via an addition to the structure. This room was the waiting room for the dentist office when Dr. Anderson's practice was moved here from downtown Golden in 1949.  I can only imagine the anxiety that people felt waiting for their turn in the dentist chair.


Views of what is now a breakfast area but was originally where the dentist did his magic.  The chair sat along the back wall and towards the right side of the photographs.  There are twelve plug receptacles for all of the dentistry equipment.  The door to the left leads to the back yard while the open door in the far right photograph leads to the apartment kitchen/former dentist laboratory.


View back into the waiting room from the breakfast area.  This door was originally a window with the original door to the back yard to the right of the photo (as we located the back steps under the crawl space).  The fur flooring where the dentist chair was located had three holes that were probably where the spit sink and other equipment came up through the crawlspace.
The addition in 1949 included a laboratory which was later converted into a full kitchen.  The linoleum flooring is at least three layers thick.  Fortunately, fur wood flooring is waiting below to be refinished.

The once carpeted stairs to the second floor have had the pine treads sanded and sealed and the risers will get a fresh coat of white latex paint.


The two bedrooms and full bath are located on the second floor of the apartment.  There are built-in shelves and a closet at the top of the stairs.  The bathroom will be enlarged by utilizing part of the second bedroom.  One of the windows in the first bedroom appears to have been a door.  This would mean there would have been a stairway from the outside.  This would make sense since there would need to be a separate entrance from the dentist waiting room.


The only heat to the apartment is via a single radiator on the first floor and extremely dangerous gas wall furnaces in the other rooms.  We will extend the hot water heat to both the first and second floors as well as add a evaporative cooler on the roof.