We've found a few things scattered around since purchasing this beautiful home.

An undated flyer attached to a door sitting in the barn informing dental patients that there would no longer be any evening appointments.  

Building Permit dated April 18, 1949 issued for the addition of the dentist office and two bedroom apartment.  Estimated cost is $3500!

Christmas ornaments, a blanket lifter for your feet, mason jars and a bread box.

Gallon of Green Mint Chlorophyll Mouthwash, a 1963 mess kit, Beverly Peanut Butter jar, boxes of Mason Jars.

The kids have had fun finding lots of small items behind the built-ins and in the barn.  We've also found old newspapers and books.

New artifacts found on day four.  An old Coors Banquet beer bottle, a large can of Snowdrift shortening and a Heinz bottle with flat sides.

More things found in the crawl space over the weekend.  A large can of dental plaster, an oil lamp, a decorative metal item that spins (possible used in the center of a table) and a #3 crock from The Western Pottery Manufacturing Company, Denver Colorado.

Lots of clay pots, a newspaper from August 12th, 1934, a Junior League 30 baseball bat from The Diamond Manufacturing Company and an ornate oil lamp holder (missing wall hanger).

Recent artifacts include an old flyer for "Painless Dentistry", a food grinder, a Western Electric Blue Bell Battery, a can of Miller Tube Repair Gum and part of a newspaper from June 16, 1930 , just seven days before Dr. Anderson purchased the house (according to records).

From the crawl space came two empty cans of Monarch Boneless Chicken, an empty one quart bottle of Old Sunny Brook Bourbon Whiskey "Bottled in Bond Under Supervision of U.S. Government Inspectors" and "distilled for medicinal purposes" (50% alcohol by volume), and an empty can of Hominy from IGA.

1941 and 1945 pennies found in the fourth bedroom on the second floor.  One was under a leg on the radiator and the other was in the baseboard.  As it was the framer who found them, not certain which one came from the baseboard which could possibly date the addition.

A small section of The Denver Express newspaper from September 1st, 1909 found in the crawl space.  The Denver Express was started in 1906 and was later merged with the Rocky Mountain News around 1926.

When we demolished the old kitchen, we saw black areas that could have been caused by a fire.  After tearing out the second floor bathroom, we found these pieces of burnt wood in the north west corner of the room.