While the basement is small and the ceiling is low (with the majority of the structure sitting over a crawlspace), it has the benefit of being dry and solidly constructed.  The foundation walls are made of stacked stone with some brick.  The main section of the basement is only about 10 x 12 with a smaller room off to the side that contains the boiler and a long hallway with shelves.  Should I ever fall backwards into money, this is where I'll put my wine cellar.


The entrance to the basement is off of the back porch down a narrow set of concrete steps.


View of the back end of the basement with shelving and the old coal chute.  I see a wine cellar in this space.

Some of the artifacts we've found in the basement include mason jars, Christmas ornaments, mouthwash from the dentist office, fly rod case, mess kit and many other interesting things.