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August 26th, 2009

posted Aug 26, 2009, 2:45 PM by 1897 House   [ updated Aug 26, 2009, 3:19 PM ]
Hump day for week six.

Guessing that the squeaky wheel does get the grease as had both a supervisor and laborer on-site this morning to button-up things before partial inspection tomorrow morning.  Supervisor slipped-out on me around lunch so didn't see him again until quitting time.

Weekly meeting with the contractor, project manager and supervisor seemed a little more tense than usual, but went well with our target completion date still mid-October. 

Almost had the first on-the-job accident today (not counting my fall in the apartment breakfast area late one night sans lights).  New laborer stepped on the exposed ceiling in the apartment bathroom and almost fell through to the first floor.  Thankfully, he was OK.

Plumbers ran new lines and frost-proof silcocks to the east and west sides of the house as well as replacing the galvanized pipe to the silcock on the north side wall.  They only have a few more sweats to complete in the basement and they will be finished until it is time to install the baseboard heaters.

Electricians continued working on the second floor and will hopefully be finished with the main part of the house in the next couple of days.  They still have to get the new lateral connected after it is trenched next Monday and then replace all the wiring in the barn.

First batch of exterior paint samples went on the front of the house today.