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August 28th, 2009

posted Aug 28, 2009, 3:17 PM by 1897 House   [ updated Aug 28, 2009, 5:24 PM ]
End of week six.

Hardwood flooring was delivered this morning to allow it to acclimate before installation in a couple of weeks.

Plumbers fired-up the new boiler today and connected the side-arm water tank.  Domestic hot water is now being supplied by the new system.  The old water heater is still in-use as it is providing hot water to the washing machine.  Removing it completely would have required re-plumbing the mud room which will be done at a later time (since there are still galvanized pipes).  For now, the plumbers are finished and won't be back until it's time to install the baseboard heaters.

Electricians kept stringing wire on the second floor but were slowed by some rough access points at the back of the house.  They were last seen on the roof so thinking they were connecting the evaporative coolers.

Roll-off guy came by late this afternoon and took away the dumpster so the electrical lateral can be trenched.  By the smell of the black water that poured out of it when he loaded it on his truck, he outdid the port-o-john for the stinkiest thing of the week.  He smiled and said that it was mild compared to some that he's hauled away.

Next week will see the trenching for the electrical lateral and more framing as we should start drywall before too long.