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November 6th, 2009

posted Nov 8, 2009, 8:38 AM by 1897 House
Final final walk through with the project manager and supervisor.  Punch list is down to less than 10 items.

Failed final inspection due to two different breakers being labeled "kitchen" instead of "kitchen" and "kitchen 2" (the apartment kitchen).  The inspector didn't like the word "apartment" the last time around so must have been having a bad day to fail the final for such a trivial thing.  Wouldn't even let the supervisor simply write the number "2" next to the word "kitchen".  No worries as it doesn't cost us anything, but will cost the electrical sub $50 plus the cost of an electrician to come out and put a "2" on the panel.  Somewhat glad as they charged us $50 to switch two lights that we had changed our mind about (and didn't bother to tell us they were going to hit us for $25 each).  

Other than than, just minor things to attend to and we'll have all of this completely behind us.