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October 13th, 2009

posted Oct 13, 2009, 7:18 AM by 1897 House
Another busy day with subs in every corner of the house.  

The neo-Con tile guy sans his far right hate talk radio worked on the second floor bath and has it prepped for tile.  He grudgingly replaced some of the glossy tiles in the kitchen that he had mistakenly installed next to the mat tiles.

The painters finished the main entry, the upstairs hall and the master (though for some reason, they said the master ceiling wasn't included).  Will pursue that one later.  They're doing a good job but I am feeling that I need to inspect everything.  

Plumber installed the pot filler and most of the first floor bath.  He tried installing the garbage disposal in the kitchen but discovered that he had the wrong part for the sink.  New part arriving tomorrow.

Electrician installed a number of ceiling lights and switches but still didn't have all of the correct parts.  He also installed a number of circuit breakers in the basement panel which will hopefully prevent the toaster from popping the breaker whenever the microwave is running (our temporary dining room/kitchen arrangement).  Looking forward to having a real kitchen in less than two weeks (appliances get installed next Tuesday).

Flooring guy was able to stain and put down the first coat of poly in the second floor of the apartment as well as get the apartment kitchen ready for staining.