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September 10th, 2009

posted Sep 10, 2009, 5:40 PM by 1897 House   [ updated Sep 10, 2009, 6:06 PM ]
I only wish the word "dusty" would adequately describe the current conditions in the house.  Unfortunately, "dusty" can typically be addressed with a can of Endust and a complete vacuuming of the house.  After an hour's worth of vacuuming, I don't feel like the house is any less "dusty" than before.  And in actuality, it is probably "dustier" since the vacuum simply sent the dust that is out of reach airborne and it is once again evenly distributed everywhere.  And it's only going to get worse as they haven't even begun to sand anything yet.

Drywall crew made major gains taping and floating the new drywall as well as patching all of the holes made by the electricians in virtually every room in the house.  Round two comes on Friday if the first gobs dry in time.  With that, almost every window in the house is open.  Weather forecast calls for low 50s tonight and 40s tomorrow night.  

Thankfully, the plumbers were here this afternoon putting up thermostats and getting ready for baseboard tomorrow (in places that don't have drywall repair).  This means we'll have heat in most of the house by tomorrow night.  With this being the first time temperatures are moving into the 40s, the house will retain enough heat that we shouldn't need to fire up the boiler.

With that, the insulation crew was back to wrap the crawl spaces and tuck insulation in the sills to prevent cold air from working its way in and freezing the exposed water pipes.  Thankfully, the new Pex tubing will expand in the event it gets extremely cold under there.

The last of the windows will get installed tomorrow and trim work will begin soon thereafter.

The drywall crew is going to work through Saturday and then be back on Monday and Tuesday to skim coat the entry as well as clean up for the flooring contractor who will be here on Wednesday.  His first job will be the kitchen as we should be able to start cabinet installation next Friday.

My first "wish I had done it differently" moment came this afternoon while walking around the job site with the supervisor.  As I was admiring the new arched doorway between the kitchen and the pantry, he mentioned that it would have looked good to put an arch in the new doorway between the pantry and the apartment.  And after looking at it for a second, he was right.  The idea never occurred to me probably because it was a brick wall and the thought of being able to put an arch there just didn't come to mind.  In any case, there won't be an arch there.