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September 16th, 2009

posted Sep 16, 2009, 2:41 PM by 1897 House
hectic day that felt like more was completed than was actually completed.  Texture crew was here early to finish the second floor and to re-do a spot in the kitchen where they textured up-to the plastic that was covering the opening to the dining room.  Unfortunately, there was more wall to cover beyond where the plastic ended.  Proving once-again that subs only do what they are told to do, nothing else (I won't even mention the temporary smoke alarm they textured around...).

Have discovered that one big oversight was the back part of the kitchen/breakfast nook where we did not drywall but only intended to texture over.  It appears the texture is causing the wallpaper to loosen in spots which means we are going to have to pay extra to get it stripped to the plaster.  In hind-sight, we should have removed it to the studs during demolition and put up drywall as we did in the rest of the kitchen.  A little concerned about how this is going to look.

The stairway got a partial skim coat of plaster and in places, blisters are popping up where the wallpaper didn't come off.  Finding that I will have to ride the crew to ensure they scrape the blisters and re-plaster.

Supervisor/finisher is going to start trim work tomorrow, which he enjoys best.  Looking forward to that stage of the project.  The new doorframes for the old doors arrived and should be installed this week.

Flooring contractor started on the kitchen and should have the major installation work finished by Friday.  Cabinets arrive tomorrow with installation moved to late Friday or possibly Saturday.  Countertops get measured next Wednesday.