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September 17th, 2009

posted Sep 17, 2009, 3:43 PM by 1897 House
Another crazy day at 1897house.

Supervisor began trimming the built-ins and another carpenter was on-site hanging doors.  Discovered that the re-hung original four panel door to the new first floor bathroom is 3 inches shorter than originally thought (I think we only measured it for width to ensure it was a 2-4 wide door) assuming it was 6-8 in height as all of the others.  Now we are stuck with the thought of having to purchase a new door at an additional cost.  

Since our desire is to re-use the original door, we are thinking that we'll frame-in a piece of Victorian-styled stained glass above the door to give it a transom feel and hopefully mitigate the fact that the door is not as tall as it should be.  

The flooring contractor finished installing the kitchen, pantry and first floor office hardwoods.  The only difficulty was a few spots where the subfloor wasn't exactly level (as we were going over several vintages and sizes of wood), but a good sanding should smooth things out.  The only option would have been to install a new subfloor and it wasn't in the budget. 

Drywall crew of 1 worked on the front entry all day and made good progress.  It's looking much better with texture samples to be put up tomorrow.

Kitchen cabinets arrived and the quality appears to be exceptional.  The installer will have everything in place by Saturday.  We're still on schedule to get countertops measured next Tuesday.  The Green Mountain Soapstone should look great.

Plumber was here to install baseboard heaters in the apartment bedrooms.