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September 22nd, 2009

posted Sep 22, 2009, 1:52 PM by 1897 House
That loud screeching sound heard last night was the installation of our kitchen possibly coming to a halt due to a design flaw around the apron sink and the cabinet it sits upon that just wasn't working.  As of now, we have mitigated the issue and are pressing on with the countertop template moving to Thursday. 

The problem was limited to the kitchen sink and the base cabinet below.  Both are 30" wide with the exception that the sink tapers at the bottom (+- 2% per the manufacturer) due to how they are made.  With the sink cabinet intentionally pulled out from the other cabinets, we had a big gap between the sink and the rest of the cabinet.  Ideally, we should have had a larger (33") cabinet for the sink base with the trim cut to fit around the sink.

Mitigation includes moving the cabinet back in-line with the other cabinets and then adding a piece of 3/4" finished cabinet plywood to each side with a piece of bead trim on the front.  We'll also install the 3/4" spacers on the upper cabinet and trim it the same.  After sending a late night email to the kitchen designer, she called first thing this morning and then came on-site this afternoon to ensure everything was addressed as the only other option was to order larger base and upper cabinets which would set us back at least 6 weeks. 

Work for the day was primarily focussed on the kitchen though the tile sub installed backer-board in the first floor bath and his work in the apartment bath passed city inspection.  Bathroom tile starts tomorrow.

Trim work was delayed another day though I have been promised my finish carpenter will be here on Thursday.  We are hoping to have the new laundry room active before the weekend.