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September 28th, 2009

posted Sep 28, 2009, 7:31 AM by 1897 House   [ updated Sep 28, 2009, 4:08 PM ]
When your "To-Do" list feels like it is longer than your "Completed" list, then you know you are behind schedule.  And we are.

The beginning of week eleven.  8am and nobody is on site.  A call to the contractor finds that he has our trim carpenter stopping by another job site to wrap cabinets.  A look at our schedule and we should be finishing interior and exterior paint today.  The only problem is that we are at least a week away from being ready to even begin interior or exterior painting.  

The same is true for tile.  We should have been finished last Friday.  We are at least a week away from finishing.

The amount of trim work left to complete is long.  Our trimmer estimates three full days of work, assuming he's not pulled to another job site.  I think it will take more than three days.

This is frustrating in the fact that a focussed effort could have had this job finished in 12 weeks or less.  Unfortunately, with the times as they are, the contractor is trying to do more with less and we are getting the short end.

With all of that, the contractor was here around 10:30am to talk things over.  He seems to think we're not that far behind and that everything will come together quickly.  Not certain I buy into that logic but we're moving forward.

Tile guy was here to work on the apartment shower and made good progress.  Supervisor/trimmer worked on hanging a door and trimming-out a doorway and starting on the windows.  Roofers showed up late to start installing roof vents and had to stop when their saw blade quit cutting.