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September 29th, 2009

posted Sep 29, 2009, 4:41 PM by 1897 House
Pro Tip:  When the person you've entrusted to install your expensive tile is tossing out "Amens" like cheap compliments at a cat show to every hate-filled rant by Rush Limbaugh, pretend as if you don't notice.  Trust me on this one.

Busy day with the Neo-Con tile guy doing his thing in the apartment shower, the trim carpenter putting up trim work in all the places it's needed, the laborer doing his thing and the drywall guys putting up texture in the front entry.  The only thing missing was the roofers who bailed early yesterday when their saw blade dulled to the point of no longer cutting and the lawn guy who was supposed to aerate the dirt.

The new second floor laundry room is up and running with the appliances a little worse for wear getting up the stairs.  Had to remove part of the door trim to get the washer and dryer in the room.  With the laundry now residing over our very expensive kitchen, we have both a washer drip pan and an automated water shutoff in place to hopefully stop any water from going through the ceiling.  The first load is going now and we are on high alert for the water alarm and/or the sound of water anywhere but in the washer and the drain.  Since there is no floor drain, we are thinking of running a small drain from the drip pan to the outside wall.  We'll have to wait until after inspection as this will not conform to code.