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September 30th, 2009

posted Sep 30, 2009, 1:30 PM by 1897 House
The middle of week eleven and the last day of September.

A flurry of activity with the drywall texture crew finishing the front entry as well as hanging drywall and texturing the soffit in the kitchen.

More trim work completed as well as removal of all of the window screens in preparation for painting.

Paint guy was wandering the halls finalizing his price.

The weekly meeting took place as usual though we had to hold it outside as our "dining room" resembles a dumpster.

The neo-Con tile guy continued his assault on the second floor apartment bathroom and was getting ready to start on the first floor bathroom.  Once again I refrained from commenting on his choice of radio stations.  Figured it keeps him focussed on his work.

New plumbers were here with a crew of four, several of which who didn't know the difference between a pressure valve and a back-flow preventer.  God help us they actually touch something.  By the look of things, their leader appears to know his trade.  I want the original two guys back.

Vent guy was here to put a real vent on the rooftop dryer exhaust.  We discovered that the dryer wasn't venting due to the temporary vent being plugged which explains the fact that the clothes weren't drying.  

Finally, the Sears guy came by for an annual maintenance look at the washer and dryer which have been abused of late.  When he asked me what color it was (for the touch-up paint), I knew I was in trouble.