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September 4th, 2009

posted Sep 4, 2009, 5:00 PM by 1897 House   [ updated Sep 4, 2009, 8:41 PM ]
End of week seven.  If we stay on schedule, then it means we are at the half-way point.

The day started with a new laborer who looked better suited for a leading role in a summer production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as he showed up with his own shovel and push broom and didn't appear to know which end to use.  My suspicions were confirmed when his first task, a simple filling of the electrical lateral trench soon had him shoveling from a sitting position like a kid at the beach and complaining how difficult it was.  Thankfully, he disappeared, along with my supervisor, after completing the job.

Insulation inspection was surprisingly early and my comment to the inspector that the supervisor had just left resulted in a reply of "unless he took the insulation with him, I think I'll be fine" told me we would be OK.  And we were.  

Siding crew showed early as well and of course, there was no supervisor in sight.  After finishing the back section of the mud room, they proceeded to work on the four small sections on the main part of the house.  When I saw that they were nailing the siding right over the top of the existing shingles, I told them to stop and asked them who said they could do that.  Because they spoke broken English, I discovered that they would nod in agreement whenever I mentioned a name, no matter what name.  I called the contractor who was a 1000 miles away on vacation.  He said he would call one of his guys to straighten things out.  Not wanting to take a chance, I called another one of "his guys" who had been on-site earlier and he indicated that nailing over the shingle was not what he had told them.  All in all, their shortcut was derailed and the siding was put up as planned though my frustration level with the contractor was at an all time high.

Electricians concluded their assault on our walls with only two holes drilled today to run wire in the dining room and new family room.  We are now, for the most part (until they completely move the new service) old-wire free.  They'll be back during week eight to connect the new service and re-wire the barn.

Drywall delivery also came with no contractor on-site.  After a quick call, they were able to do what they needed though getting the drywall and backer board into the upstairs of the apartment was especially tricky and resulted in at least one broken sheet.