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September 8th, 2009

posted Sep 8, 2009, 6:11 PM by 1897 House
It is now 7:11 p.m. and the drywall crew has officially been hanging sheetrock for 12 hours.  They said they would only be here until six p.m. but appear to be going until they run out of light.

Everyone who told me it was going to be dusty was right and I apologize for doubting your advice.  I seriously couldn't see how hanging a little rock could produce so much dust, as I have done my share in the past.  I was wrong.  Completely wrong.  Now, the thought of the tape and float guys coming tomorrow has me a bit nervous.

The good news for the day was that the drywall crew was here early and wasted no time in spinning screws.  The bad news was that the job supervisor, after walking the site with the drywallers, immediately left the scene.  A quick tour of the progress a few hours in found they were doing what they came to do: hang drywall.  Unfortunately, they weren't using their other skills and how and where they were hanging it in certain areas, to put it bluntly, sucked.  For example, in the mud room, a piece of small crown moulding at the top of the wall was rocked up TO the moulding, instead of removing the moulding and putting rock up to the ceiling.  A few other flops had me calling the supervisor on the way out unhappy with the quality of what I had seen.

Apparently, I am learning this is how construction projects work.  After a little instruction, the supervisor sends the subs out of the nest on their own and when they screw up, they have to come back later on their own nickel and fix the mistakes.  Unfortunately, I hate mistakes and ride them all like horses, pointing out what I don't like and things that are wrong.  I suspect everyone is beginning to hate the fact that I work from home.

The dumpster part III showed up this morning, just in time as the pile of trash was beginning to become mountain-size.