The first signs of construction have started.  Simple furring out a wall and cutting an arch, but construction none-the-less.


The just-added design change now includes an arch into the pantry.  South wall of kitchen furred-out to accommodate chimney from basement.  The north wall will be furred as well meaning we lost about ten inches of width, which doesn't sound like much but has an impact on the design.

Plumbers are running the new hot water flexible tubing which will terminate where the old boiler used to reside.


Framing for new first floor bathroom and office.  Small linen closet (photo 3) will be eliminated to accommodate the sink move.  Vents cut for new boiler.


Day eleven (03aug09) - new apartment shower framed and partially plumbed (left).  Second photo shows what was supposed to be a closet next to the new shower in the second apartment bedroom, will now be a simple, recessed desk area with fixed MDF shelving.  Third photo shows what was a doorway into the second floor kitchen from the fourth bedroom is now a wall.

Day twelve (04aug09) - lintel installed above new doorway from kitchen to mud room.


Day fourteen construction included the dryer vent in the new laundry room, the beginnings of the frame for the new second story doorway between the main house and the apartment, lots of dust (everywhere) and the first floor bathroom vent.

New door frame and inset shelf area in apartment bathroom.

First floor bathroom expanded to allow room for the corner sink.  The small hall closet is now gone with the plumbing still needing to be moved.


New window openings in first floor bath area.  We moved the existing window from the south wall and put it on the east wall of the bathroom.  There is a new 2-0 window going into the south wall.  Rough-in was put in today in preparation for the siding which begins on Monday.


Day twenty one and the first day of the new James Hardie siding.  An incredible difference over the old asbestos siding!


Rough-in for the two new windows on the north apartment wall and additional siding progress on day twenty two.


Day twenty three saw more progress by the siding crew.  The only thing that prevented them from finishing was installation of the new door and windows on the back porch which should take place on Thursday or Friday of this week.


The new vent pipe for the stove hood.  Upon closer inspection, they simply tied into the existing, 60 year old square vent, which was not in my plan.  A little pissed that this was deemed acceptable.  If they don't rip this down, I will.

New hardwood flooring for the kitchen is acclimating in the front hallway (as there is no place left to put it).  The arch from the kitchen to the pantry is taking shape and the doorway from the kitchen to the apartment is now framed and ready for drywall.


The start of week 7 has new Pella windows installed on the south facing wall in the back hallway just outside the new first floor bathroom as well as in the office on the first floor.  The bathroom will also get a new window tomorrow.  The back porch got new windows and will get a new door which will allow the subs to finish the siding work.


The new "half price/no installation charge" windows on the north wall, new railing in the mud room, new back door frame (with temporary back door) and the window graveyard.


Insulators were on-site to spray in R-something-or-other in the exterior walls.  The supervisor says that it's really good stuff.


Brick casing installed on the mud room windows which allows the siding crew to finish their work.


Insulation in the new walls really define the space.  Walls shown are the original doorway to the apartment from the kitchen, the new laundry room, the new first floor bath and the first floor office. 

Siding finally finished on the back of the mud room and four small areas around the main house where shingles had been placed on vertical surfaces.


The start of week 8 (the day after Labor Day) saw the return of the dumpster which was just in time as the trash pile was starting to grow.  The only subcontractor was the drywall crew which wasted no time in putting up some rock.  The white objects in several of the pictures aren't ghosts or a dirty lense, it's the incredible amount of dust floating about.


The first day of tape and float saw incredible progress.  Hopefully, it will be dry enough for another coat tomorrow.

(L-R) The ceiling where we almost lost two laborers who stepped through it from above, the arch into the pantry, the office looking out to the doorway to the kitchen, the kitchen wall where the sink will be located and the arch from within the pantry.


The start of week 10 has the drywall ready for texture.  The entryway, which was supposed to be a simple skim coat texture has turned into a much larger project.


New windows in north wall of the apartment and the texture crew's truck in the back alley.


(L-R) Wall texture in the apartment bathroom, the start of the skim coat in the stairway, the new hardwood flooring in the kitchen, the old doors with new frames and the first sign of trim work - a table saw.


Original mud room door has been re-framed and is now back in place.


Another original 4-panel door has been re-framed and installed in the new first floor office. 

This is yet another original 4-panel door that leads to the new first floor bathroom.  Unfortunately, it is about 3 inches shorter than planned (we all assumed it was the same height as all the other doors).  We are thinking of expanding the opening at the top and installing a piece of stained glass.


Kitchen cabinets are in the house.  They'll be installed on Friday and Saturday.  


Hardwood flooring installation was completed on the first floor (Office and pantry shown).  Once sanded and stained, the new and original flooring should match up nicely.


What were once doorways, are now simple built-ins with adjustable shelves.  The former apartment to kitchen doorway on the left and the original mud room to kitchen doorway on the right.

The main stairway is looking better with a second coat of mud.  The crew is doing a good job of eliminating the blisters.  We now need to decide on a texture that will bring it all together.


(L-R) The counter-depth refrigerator opening, pantry cabinets, cabinets on the north wall and the other pantry cabinets.


(L-R) Flooring in the first apartment bedroom where a closet used to be (rough sanding), the second apartment bedroom where another closet was located (and future built-in desk will be installed), and the new second floor laundry room which has at least three different types of flooring (which were obviously never intended to be used as finished hardwood).  Nobody has been able to identify the hardwood in the apartment.  The best guess is Aspen, which is no longer available in this form.

The entry stairway which will get a skip trowel final coat on Monday.  A vast improvement from where we started.


The kitchen is now ready for the countertops to be measured.  Final cabinet installation is set for Tuesday.


New second floor laundry almost ready for the washer and dryer.  Decided to paint the mismatched hardwood flooring.  Initial primer coat shown.

Shower pan in the apartment is ready for inspection.

Apron sink with trim detail added to the sides.


(L-R) Wine racks and open cabinet, cabinet on right side of stove/oven and south wall cabinets showing soffit and crown moulding.

First floor bath backer-board ready for tile.

Apartment shower ready for tile.


Apartment shower with tile and block bench and bathroom floor with basket weave tile. 


(L-R) Doorway into the first floor bath (which came out a little short).  We'll put a piece of glass in the opening above.  Doorway from kitchen to mud room.  Kitchen awaiting countertops.

(L-R) Progress to start week 11 included the new door from the second floor laundry room to the apartment bathroom, tile in the apartment bath shower, the shower bench and the doorway to the mud room from the kitchen (using some of the original casing found in the barn).


(L-R)  Door from mud room to kitchen is now framed and the rail has a cap.  Numerous window trim and baseboards were installed.  A soffit in the kitchen to cover the exhaust vent (still needs to drywall and texture).  The apartment shower is almost complete.  Laundry room moved to second floor. 


(L-R) Built-in desk in apartment bedroom, first floor bath tile, mud room sink re-plumbed, first floor office ready for paint, apartment shower ready for new door.


The end of week eleven has the soapstone installed in the kitchen as well as the subway tile backsplash.  Paint starts next week.

Apartment toilet, sink and shower.  Just waiting on the sink fixtures and some paint and this bathroom will be ready for temporary operation (awaiting shower door).  We'll use a curtain until the shower door arrives so that the other bathroom can be renovated.


(L-R) New second floor cast iron tub, sub-floor work needed to lower the toilet flange and the range hood in the kitchen.


(L-R) Fall in Coorstown, the front entry, schoolhouse lights in the kitchen, the kitchen faucet.


The new first floor bath is finally coming together with the re-porcelained corner sink installed as well as the toilet.  Claw foot tub and all connections will be completed tomorrow.  The fixed transom glass was installed and looks like it was planned from the beginning.


(L-R) New floor and wall tile in the second floor bath, the painted entry and kitchen shelves for every-day dishes.

The hardwood flooring in the apartment is finally finished.  It turned out incredible.


(L-R) A functioning kitchen that hosted its first meal: spaghetti.  A lonely 100 year old tub sink in the mud room.

Fourteenth wedding anniversary coat rack custom built by the trim carpenter installed in the main entry.  The hooks, which were removed from the master closet,  are original to the house and had to be stripped of multiple layers of paint.