Our plan is to continue living in the house while the renovation takes place.  We've negotiated the use of the bathroom on the second floor which will be remodeled when another bathroom is finished.  With our kitchen now residing in our dining room... this is definitely going to be a rough three months.

Temporary kitchen.  There is nothing quite like having a refrigerator in your dining room.

The old stove on it's way to the recycling center thanks to our neighbor Ben.


The first hidden discovery.  An old doorway complete with the outline of the original moulding.  This used to be open between the dining room and what is now the kitchen.  The photograph on the right shows where the doorway would be today.  This makes complete sense as the doorway from the dining room to the breakfast nook forces you to cross the dining room whereas this doorway would have been to the side. 

Another reveal.  The original opening between what is now the breakfast nook and the kitchen appears to have been a standard doorway with moulding (the right side of the moulding is visible).  This means that the arch wasn't there and now I don't feel as bad about losing it.

The dumpster has arrived.  


The boiler in its final throws.  I'm told each section weighs about 300 pounds and there are six sections.  Demo guys are not amused.

The boiler is officially history.


Old linoleum flooring in the kitchen that was exposed after removing the cabinets.  Very cool.


Day two demolition of the kitchen, first floor bath an breakfast nook.


Day three demolition saw the end of the breakfast nook and the small bathroom and closet in the back bedroom on the first floor.  Baseboard pipes were also relocated in what was the first floor bathroom and the family room of the apartment.

When a 2 x 4 was really a 2 x 4.

The hardwood floor that wasn't supposed to be removed.


New apartment opening looking from the apartment into the pantry and from the pantry into the apartment.

New opening from the kitchen into the mud room.


Demolished second floor kitchen which will be the new laundry room as well as connection to the apartment bathroom.

Day seven demolition included the apartment wall heater, the apartment bath (photos 2 and 3), closets in both apartment bedrooms (photos 4 and 5) as well as the paneling from the first apartment bedroom (note the lovely pink and water-damaged drywall).  Temporary support structure in the kitchen in-place until the lintels are installed in the door opening to the mud room. 

View of new doorway from the second floor of the main house into the apartment bathroom (from the new laundry room and from the apartment hallway.  We'll re-use one of the doors from the apartment closets that matches the existing door into the bathroom.  Work also started on the apartment kitchen flooring which was four layers thick.

Day nine demolition of the wall into the apartment bathroom.  The new shower will be here.

Day eleven (03aug09) - removed back (north facing) wall of the mud room (as it was covered with plywood).  Thankfully the wall itself is of good construction and does not have to be rebuilt as once thought.  Discovered that the only insulation is a thin layer of cardboard.  We've added baseboard heat to the room which will make a big difference this winter.

The laborer said the flooring appeared to be hardwood underneath the linoleum, which we hope to use.

Day sixteen - asbestos siding is finally starting to be removed.  Only two sides of the first floor back bedroom were completed on the first day.

View of the back porch with the old siding removed and the original shiplap siding revealed for the first time in sixty years.

The last of the old siding was removed on day twenty.  New siding starts going up on Monday.

The hole in the apartment living area created by the new laborer who almost fell through the apartment bathroom.  It needed to be removed anyway.

Second load on its way out even though not quite full.  Needed to make room for the electrical trench.  


Continued progress on removal of the front entry wallpaper.  Uncovered a metal object that was covering a hole (photo 2) at the top of the stairway.  Suspect that this was once the source of heat for the second floor.


Demolition of the one fully functional bathroom included the blue bathtub and toilet as well as the carpeting and three layers of tile and hardwood flooring.