In a single word: scary.  Most of the wiring in the house is two-wire, knob and tube with some do-it-yourself Romex scabbed-in.  The service is a fuse box that looks like something out of an old horror movie.  We're going to update all of this during the renovation.


Service line from the street.  Outside meter, dryer shut-ff and service to apartment.  Fuse box and some other small box that does something.  


Examples of the knob and tube wiring in the basement.


Day fourteen and the electricians were on-site.  First order of business was to repair the wires that were cut when the attic opening was widened.  Discovering that the architect's electrical plan was less than detailed and we'll have to pay extra for three and four-way switches in the kitchen.

New wire is being strung throughout the kitchen and other parts of the first floor.

New electrical panel is now installed in the basement.

And actually serving up power!


The new service boxes on the back of the barn and on the back of the house.  We are going to bury the electrical lateral which requires a shut-off at the house.  From there, it goes through the crawl space and into the new panel in the basement.

New electrical box which will accept underground electrical coming from the back of the barn.

New weather-proof outlet on west wall.


The challenges of keeping the old wire hot while running new wire have been interesting.  The first photo shows a new outlet with a black plug that goes to the ceiling (photo 2) and connects to the old knob and tube wiring supplying most of the second floor.  There are a couple of these still left.

The start of the trench from the back of the barn to the back of the house.  This had to be hand-dug to get between the barn and the tree as well as expose the gas line.  The Ditch Witch will finish the job tomorrow.  


The trench for the underground electrical line from the back of the barn and the new sconce on the main stairway.

New electrical lateral and cable installed in the trench.  Awaiting inspection before filling.


New lights in second floor hallway and master bedroom.


New lights in the third bedroom on the second floor and in the dining room.

The new electrical panel is now on-line.  Qwest also made an appearance to move their trunk line which was rubbing the shingles off of the garage.


The new dining room chandelier and the front entry push-button switches (which we've also put in the living and dining rooms as well as at the top of the stairs).


Electricians installed one of the antique lights over the south side of the barn.  Re-wiring the entire barn will take yet another day.