The front (south facing) side of the house.  The majority of the original structure is double-layer brick with some fish-scale decorative siding.  We don't know exactly when the curved front porch was added to the house, though it was probably before 1927.

A view of the west side of the front porch which is a great place to sit and relax.

A view of the west side of the house which shows the bump-out dining room.

Rear view showing the 1949 additions which included the dentist office and a two bedroom apartment upstairs.  Yes, the siding is all asbestos which is very costly to remove and replace.

Another addition (though we are not sure when) was the small bedroom on the left side of the photo behind the tree.  This is being converted into the first floor bathroom along with a small office.

In the back of the property is a detached, two car garage with a loft.

The back of the "barn" from the alley.  I've taken the door that was used to separate the upstairs apartment from the downstairs and put it over the opening.  Some day we'll put in a window.

When we purchased the house, it had two old-style swing-up doors like the one on the left.  Both were in very bad shape and wouldn't stay open without some help from a 4 x 4.  When the one on the right fell off, we replaced both with carriage doors. 

The new carriage doors with modern electric openers.