First Floor

The interior of the house still retains the charm and character of an old structure.  There have been some minor updates over the years, mainly to the bathrooms and the kitchens (there used to be three full kitchens) but the remainder of the house was unchanged.  At one time the entire house had stained woodwork throughout but over the years, most of it was painted.


Front entry showing carpeted stairway and a closet blocking the hallway to a second entrance to the first floor.  The front entry would have been a common entrance for the downstairs and upstairs apartments with lockable doors at the bottom and top of the stairway.  The photo on the right shows the refinished treads and the hallway with the closet removed.  The risers, balusters, newell posts and handrail will eventually be painted white.


Views of the living room from the dining room with the gold carpet.  The doorway on the right side of the first photograph was the entrance to the downstairs apartment when the house was divided into three apartments.  There is another doorway that opens into the dining room.  We are thinking that the arch is not original and that there was either a doorway or french doors separating the living room from the dining room (which would explain the two separate entrances).


Discovering the beautiful hardwood floor underneath the carpet in the living room.


View of the dining room from the breakfast nook and the living room.  The second entrance to the first floor which had been blocked and converted into a closet is shown open (with door removed) in the third photograph.  You can now enter the first floor through the living room or dining room.

The front room on the first floor was used as the master bedroom and is the only room that still contains the original stained wood moulding (all the rest has been painted).  The doorway in the second photo leads to the full bathroom with a beautiful corner sink and a claw-foot tub (both of which will be relocated to the new bath in the first floor back bedroom). Unfortunately, the wood floor under the green carpet has extensive water damage (probably from a leaky radiator) and a thousand flat-head nails somebody took the liberty to apply, so we've had to cover it with a large white rug.


View of the kitchen with the 1940-era cabinets before and after all the drawers and door fronts were removed (a 70's or 80's remodel).  Note the lovely almond stove/oven combo.  This will all be gone next week.


View of the doorway to the apartment from the kitchen before and after it was opened.  This will be closed again and moved to the perpendicular wall just to the left to allow for a more functional kitchen layout.  We're not certain when the far room was added but it later became the waiting room for the dentist office.


View from the back of the kitchen into the breakfast nook.  Unfortunately, we're going to lose the arch in order to open up the kitchen as the space is extremely tight.


View of the door to the back porch that will move about 3 feet to the right to make room for the expanded kitchen.  The wall in the center, which is part of the breakfast nook, will be removed as well.


We believe the back bedroom on the first floor was added around 1949 and included a bathroom with a small shower.  This room has most recently served as a home office but will be converted into the new first floor bath as well as a smaller office.


View of the enclosed back porch just off of the kitchen which probably was initially open (or not even part of the original structure) since the cabinet on the right side of the center photo was a window into what is now the apartment living area.