Originally heated by coal, the house now has hot water heat (or as the contractor calls it "hydronic" heat).  While the boiler works great, it is obviously very old and highly inefficient.  It will be replaced with a more efficient model that has a side-arm water heater.  

The house currently has only a single heat zone with some free-standing radiators and a few updated baseboard heaters.  The new system will have five zones as well as a side-arm tank for domestic hot water production.

There are a number of beautiful old radiators that still work great though they are not ideally located under windows for the best heating efficiency.

We've gone back and forth on the subject, but we'll probably disconnect all of the radiators as the cost to connect them to the flexible tubing is somewhat cost prohibitive vs. running baseboard heat under windows, etc.  We'll definitely hold on to these and even keep the more ornate radiators on display.


New baseboard radiator lines in the apartment living area and breakfast room.


New baseboard heat lines run by the front door and in the dining room.

New baseboard heat in the apartment hallway.  It was originally destined for the east side window at the top of the stairs but had to be moved as there was no simple way to get the pipes in that location.

The future home of the new boiler and side-arm water tank.


The first of two vents for the new boiler were installed.  The plumbers have done a great job to ensure the back room in the basement is still useable.

Second vent pipe for the new boiler.

The new boiler was installed today as well as the valves for the five heat zones.  The boiler only measures about 3' x 1' x 2'.


Plumbers continued work on the new boiler with installation of copper tubing and valves for the five heat zones and side-arm hot water tank.  Lots-o-sweats in this work of art.

Day twenty four saw the installation of the new 60 gallon hot water tank which operates as a side-arm to the boiler and provides hot water for heat as well as for regular plumbing.

New flexible gas lines for boiler and stove with receptacle coming through the floor in the kitchen.  Zone control electronics and flexible tubing connected with most of the thermostat wires run.

The boiler in all its glory is ready for inspection.  They should be firing it up on day 28 and then converting the domestic hot water over to the new side arm tank.

A new baseboard heater (sans the cover plate) installed and ready to heat 1897house in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  These are all now located underneath windows where they should be as opposed to the radiators which were tucked in distant corners of most rooms.  In order to be able to multi-zone the house, we had to get a little creative with the way the tubing was run (and to avoid ripping out the hardwood flooring).  The extra feed and return lines seen spanning the baseboard will be covered with a little trim work later.  Most will be out of sight/out of mind.

New dining room hot water baseboard heater.