The plumbing is a combination of galvanized, copper and a mish-mash of both.  Most of the shutoff valves are either headless or frozen open.  This will all be replaced during the renovation.



New water and heat lines are being run throughout the house.  The left photo shows a cold water manifold and the right photo shows the new first floor bathroom with water rough-in and vent pipe.


Day eleven (03aug09) - new second floor laundry room water supply lines and drain with Studor Air Admittance Valve (left).  Bathroom and laundry room supply and drain lines have to be run through a furred-out wall in the kitchen (shown in right photo).  We've installed galvanized drain lines to reduce noise.


Day twelve (04aug09) has the apartment bath plumbed.  Plastic water pipe ends are starting to collect in the basement.


Spent Saturday and Sunday removing a layer of enamel off of the old corner sink with aircraft stripper.  Hopefully all is well to get it re-porcelained and put into the first floor bath.  Not certain of the age but there is a stamp that shows 1 25 17.


The original water lateral as it enters the basement.  Rusting galvanized pipe is being replaced with copper from the meter pit.  New blue Pex tubing coming from the water lateral and connecting to the main in-house water line shown on the right.


The crew arrived first thing in the morning.  I had no idea it was going to be this much dirt.


Old water lateral was near its end.  Glad we had this done now.  New 3/4 inch copper line runs under the foundation into the crawl space below the family room.  The installation also required us to put in a meter pit as there was just an old clay pipe with a few bricks surrounding the meter.  We now have a dependable shut-off valve if we ever need to turn it off at the meter.


Day twenty one started with water in the basement.  Apparently, the new water lateral was too much for the TPR valve on the water heater so it decided to purge itself.  Plumbers put a pressure valve in-line with the new water line coming into the basement.

The repaired ground where the new water lateral was installed.  A Saturday afternoon project.


The roughed in pot filler and apartment shower and the new 3/4 inch cold and 1/2 inch hot water lines to the second floor bath (which were not originally going to be run as there is working copper installed today).  Thinking that the Friday lunches may have contributed to this getting done.

New freeze-proof silcocks added on the east and west sides of the house.