Second Floor

The second floor of the main section of the house had been separated into an apartment complete with a full kitchen.  It appears to have been finished or reconfigured at a later date than the first floor as evident by the built-ins and some of the moulding.  Most of the walls have wallpaper that has been painted-over. 


View from the top of the stairs where the apartment door was located.  This door now resides at the back of the barn.  The second and third photographs show the view from the top of the stairway.  The top newell post was removed to make room for the door.  The last two photographs show the view from the top of the stairs down the hallway with the kitchen at the far end and the view from the end of the hallway back towards the stairs.


There are four bedrooms on the second floor.  The house originally ended at the back of the third bedroom.  An addition was built at an unknown date that effectively popped the top over the first floor kitchen, adding the bathroom, second floor kitchen and the fourth bedroom.


There is one full bath on the second floor that was remodeled in the 1980s (note blue fixtures).


While the second floor kitchen is rather small, it was fully functional with an apartment-sized stove (that we sold) as well as a sink and a large amount of cabinetry.  This will be converted to the laundry room with the opening to the fourth bedroom being closed as well as opening a doorway into the apartment bathroom (for a Jack and Jill effect) about where the sink resides today.