The Plan

While there isn't a large amount of demolition or construction in the overall plan, there is quite a lot of rip and replace in regards to electrical, plumbing and heating. 

Demolition involves removing a few walls to enlarge the kitchen and make room for the addition of a shower in the apartment bathroom.  Several doorways will be moved to accommodate the re-designed kitchen.

Kitchen and bath updates are the primary focus of construction.  The kitchen is being enlarged, the first floor laundry is moving upstairs, the first floor bathroom will become the pantry for the kitchen as well as the new entry to the apartment.  The bathroom is being relocated to the back bedroom/office.  The apartment bathroom will be enlarged by using part of the second bedroom.  A doorway from the second floor of the main structure will be opened (in the new laundry room) to allow access to the apartment bathroom (Jack and Jill).  

A few changes have already been made to the above version of the plan including no installation of a heating/cooling system in the attic (as well as the need for soffits) and we will not be adding the back porch.

Another change made during the first week of work was to make the north wall of the kitchen into an "L" shape instead of a "U" to better open the space into the breakfast nook.  This will eliminate the return coming back into the room.  We've relocated the new opening to the mud porch to be in-line with door from the dining room.  This will allow the kitchen to extend about 12 inches to the east.  The opening into the pantry was also modified and does not include demolition of the walls  We will now have an arched doorway into the pantry.  The new door to the apartment will be in-line with the door to the family room (different than what is diagramed).

We've also got a few minor modifications to the apartment bedrooms that we'll be discussing with the contractor during week two.